Did you know that most home buyers have about a 5% chance of getting their offer accepted in the San Diego housing market? Real Estate values are rising. This is a good thing for home sellers but creates extreme competition for home buyers. Many homes are receiving 20 to 30 offers within the first 2 days on the market. Many of these are all cash, above full price offers .

Although we absolutely help buyers make offers on properties listed for sale, we have also begun canvasing neighborhoods for underwater homeowners that will short sell their properties to our buyers. Banks (REOs) and traditional sellers are desperate to get top dollar for the properties they sell and if you don’t have cash or perfect credit and a large down payment, they will not even consider your offer. Lenders however, are much more open to approving a short sale on their underwater homeowners’ properties at more reasonable prices in order to avoid the foreclosure process.

Our web site allows ALL our buyers access to EVERY MLS property that is up for sale in San Diego County. The information is LIVE and is the same information all participating agents have access to with Full Photos and Descriptions.